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For over 40 years, Dr. Phil Pinto has been serving his patients using natural and holistic approaches. Come see Dr. Pinto today, and see how he could help you get back to optimal health!

Santa Clarita Chiropractic Care

Sports Injury

SCV Wellness Clinic provides you with up-to-date chiropractic care and techniques. Our Santa Clarita Chiropractors draw on the natural healing capacity of the body with tools and methods such as Bio-Cranial Technique, Digital X-Ray, Physical Therapy and Postural Training, Orthotic Fitting and Kinesio Taping. Techniques and therapies administered in our office include treatments for car accident injury, sports injury, work injury as well as pain management for chronic conditions.

Neck & Back Pain

Is back pain leaving you flat on your back? Are you unable to work because of debilitating back pain? Is back pain making life constantly uncomfortable?

At SCV Wellness Clinic. Our Santa Clarita Chiropractic Doctors evaluate and treat patients suffering from back pain and related conditions due to all types of injuries including sports, work, and auto. We have the experience to find solutions to relieve chronic pain.

Car Accident Injury

You might think your body has to be slammed at high speeds to experience injury in a car. But even a bumper to bumper car accident when crawling along the freeway can result in a whiplash injury. Sometimes the painful effects of auto accident injuries don’t show up until days, months or years later. Be sure to get examined by a healthcare professional as soon as possible after a car accident.

Patient Testimonials

I have Glaucoma and am legally blind in the right eye. Since starting Bio Cranial my eye pressures have gone down greatly.  Since having the Bio, it’s really hard to explain how you feel — just awake, energy, your whole outlook on life is so wonderful.

Victoria L.

With Bio Cranial, pain has decreased about 50%, (I’m) able to do more activity with less pain. I highly recommend this type of care.

P. M.

Extreme depression — I was unable to mentally focus on anything. (Results were) Terrific, I have the mental strength to accomplish the goals I have set for myself and my family life. Without Bio Cranial Treatments from Dr. Pinto I believe I would still be in a state of confusion, not able to focus…

Sharon R.

Migraine headaches + stress and pressure and soreness in neck…pressure is gone, I feel more whole brained, no longer light sensitive, migraines are GONE… Life is great. I love Bio Cranial and my whole family does.

Kelly K.

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