Football players of all ages undergo tremendous stress to the body and nervous system.  In the repeated collisions and pile ups on the field there are multiple forces producing micro- and macro traumas to the athlete’s body.  This WILL cause injuries now and into the future for this football player. It is important for someone that undergoes these traumas to be evaluated and helped to restore what their body had prior to the injury/trauma. Even if the athlete does not feel the micro traumas that have taken place, it is a guarantee that these injuries will show up as arthritis in the spine when they are older.  A chiropractor can make sure the joints are aligned and functioning properly – thus preventing the start of degenerative joint disease (arthritis).

  • The benefits to a body under chiropractic care are amazing, just ask the professional athletes – Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Besides preventing arthritis in the spine (and shouldn’t this be reason enough?), chiropractic care can help an athlete’s performance with better agility, better balance, and better kinesthetic perception.  Who wants this for their little athlete? I certainly do!

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